a masterpiece

a story worth telling

I was born blind in one eye, but I wouldn't trade that for the world. With the one good eye God gave me, I can see His beauty all around us and it's far more than I could ever behold, even in pictures. A man once wrote that we are literally God's poem, His masterpiece, and that we are created by Him to do good works that He prepared in advance for us to do. I found that claim to be so rich, not just because it sounded like a great purpose to stake a life to, but because I've written poems, and I know the worth and painstaking placement of each and every carefully crafted word. It gave me a beautiful sense of what each of us means to God and why we are all so uniquely placed, planted and rooted where we are. It also set the stage for my life's work. Photographers paint with the light just as much as with the shadow. This world and the life it cradles are the living subjects, stories contrasting in and circling round a much bigger story, and my work is simply the reflection thereof. Photography becomes a mirror to see and step outside of time for just long enough to consider our place in it.