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make your day unforgettable

If you think about it, every picture we take today is for tomorrow, so we can remember yesterday. Time is the variable, with the only constant being that we are ever reaching, moving forward through it. We can never go back, but because of the blessing of this work, this poem, we can at least remember. 

We've been shooting in the Sioux Falls, South Dakota area for 20 years, sitting with our clients while they view their pictures, finding out what they loved and what they didn't, what took their breath away and what brought tears to their eyes, what left them speechless.

We wrap all that up into every moment of your day, because we care about you, because our desire is for you to not just be pleased, but to be completely moved and surprised. We think of what that image will look like on the day you first set your eyes upon it, and we think of how that image will look 20 years from now, and whether or not it will still feel timeless. And we do it because we see greatness in you.  You are, after all, a masterpiece. ~d.c.elliott

what is our greatest attribute

Did you know that Kari and I pray on the way to every shoot?
It doesn’t matter if it’s a quick business headshot or a wedding.   
We pray and ask God to get us on the same page, to help us focus, and to inspire us. It gives us a fresh look and helps us to see with His eyes to take beautiful, crisp, memorable images.


We know that every wedding we witness is the beginning of a family. Having that perspective, from a man and woman, a father and a mother, shapes how we photograph your day. It's a choreographed dance for us, knowing where each other will be, how to get the shot, and when to wait for that perfect expression.  ~Kari

We approach the session remembering to keep it just a day at the park. We want you have fun, be calm, and thoroughly enjoy one another.  Some of the most memorable shots aren't posed. They're captured.  The technical side of things is on our shoulders, and we have spent a long time developing our style. We do our job well and the love of family is expressed through the story of your images. ~Dan

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