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Divided We Fall

Can you see this morning what we saw last night,

That ragged old flag in the last of the light? 

Those Stars and Stripes waving on in the breeze

Like nothing could ever bring her down to her knees. 

With every bright flash, through each streaming flare 

We would look to the sky, she would still be there

And a little more hope would again fill our sail 

as we thought of those soldiers refusing to fail, 

refusing to give up, to lay down or yield, 

as they fought to the last and left it all on the field.

To you who now live under that banner free

are you grateful that they never once took a knee,

that they took no regard to what they might feel

when staring death in the face, they refused to kneel? 

To give us a place for the brave to call home

To keep us a country where freedom could roam?

To honor that courage and pure sacrifice

With hands over hearts we forget not the price.

Does that star spangled banner yet wave in your heart?

If you are still living, you still have a part

To keep her protected and carry her on

upwards and onwards, brighter and strong.

Build her up, hold her high, keep her steady and true.

she’s more than her colors of red, white and blue

She’s a tribute, a statement, a warning to all.

United we stand, but divided we fall. 

d.c.elliott 7.4.18


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