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Winter Wonderland…Or Not


We’ve been trying to time it right for Melanie’s family for a perfect wintery session, but we were right on the line with this last storm. First rain, then snow, then rain again and back to snow. We finally set the time for the session, then that old familiar voice of Brian Karstens at KELO came over the radio to prepare for 35-40mph winds and blizzard conditions. Uh-oh. We moved up the shoot and gave it our best, but the wind picked up about 5 minutes before we started shooting and the temperature started to plummet. Our winter wonderland turned into a blizzard, and although her big brother was my partner, little Maddy didn’t share my zeal. She looked at me liked I was nuts, and I can’t say I blame her. Call me crazy but I love their pictures. It wasn’t everything I wanted to give this family, but it was beautiful and it was a great memory.
I wish all of my clients were as brave as this family.
Go bold. Go cold. It’s South Dakota. It’s winter. Instead of hibernating, let’s enjoy it and make the most of it!


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